Health and Wellness

For those of you in GA  with children come and enjoy a day of fun at Harper-Archer Track and Field 3399 Collier Dr. Atl 30331 on March 24th from 11am-3pm for a health & wellness/walk-a-thon. There will be food, games, dancing and more!!!


Be responsible “PARENTS”

I work in social services and had a 12 yr old who was recommended for a Magnetic Program. I provided his mother with the application about a month ago and informed her of the date and time the application must be submitted. I followed up about a week before the application was due and his mother informed me that he has not completed it but she will have him do it over the weekend. I advised her that he will need some assistance.

The day before the application was due I called again to check on the status and she informed me that he did not complete the application nor did he want to. I explained to her that it was not totally up to him and she needed to help him complete the application and that I will contact his counselor to see if we can get the additional paperwork we need from the school before the deadline.

After speaking with the counselor and without hesistation she said she would gather any school info needed and get him to get the recommendation completed. The following day I went to the school and got the application packet and reached out to his mother who was responsible for submitting the application. Low and behold she did not answer the phone 😦 I took the application and  read the requirements again which stated that the application needed to be submitted to the school or postmarked by Feb 17th!!

 I recieved a call from his mother around 5pm and met her to get his teachers recommendation and got the packet posted marked on Feb 17th. Now this WELL DESERVED AND INTELLIGENT  12 yr old will have unlimited opprotunities becasue his case manager, school counselor and teachers believe in him and have no  DOUBT that he will be successful one day!!!! The children are our FUTURE…..

It’s your Hair

Dear Answer Man, my hair stylist said something last night about formaldehyde in some hair care products. (She told me there’s none in the stuff she was putting on my hair.) Should I be concerned? — Bette

You might be concerned if you were visiting a stylist in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey or Ohio, though apparently the issue has more to do with worker safety than customer safety. About two dozen salons and beauty schools in those states have been cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, with fines up to $17,500, for failing to protect workers from overexposure and potential overexposure to formaldehyde. That chemical can cause allergic reactions and also is a cancer hazard.

OSHA has also cited some manufacturers of hair products and distributors in Florida. The products that have especially raised the hair on OSHA inspectors’ necks are hair smoothing and hair straightening products, sometimes called keratin treatments. The agency has “conducted significant outreach” to salons to inform them of the hazards, so presumably salons are well-aware of the problem and have responded.

“Salons should check the label or product information to make sure it does not list formaldehyde, formalin, methylene glycol or any of the other names for formaldehyde,” according to an OSHA news release, and if salons use those products, “they must follow a number of protective practices, including air monitoring, worker training and, if levels are over OSHA limits, good ventilation or respirators.”

There’s plenty of information online and I’ll link to it from this column. The Minnesota Department of Health also has put out an advisory to hair salons.

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Just when you think you have nothing to eat….

Dinner at my house tonight is homemade pizzza! Just when you think there’s nothing in the frig to cook, look around and you will be amazed at what you will find. Nothing is impossible with the internet.
We made our own dough which consist of some basic ingredients minus 1 or 2 (flour, sugar, salt, water, and yeast). We used fresh herbs, cheese, chicken sauage,cream cheese, onions, and peppers to layer our dough.
So when dinner becomes a challenge just look around your kitchen, search the internet and be CREATIVE!!!